Jan 4, 2011

Making Homeschool Fun – Friday Competitions


I was teaching conjunctions and didn’t think we should just cover the material and move on.  He has been having issues with retention.  I wanted to make it fun for him to think about what he learned during non school times. 

We decided to have a competition on Friday.  We are going to have a conjunction competition.  For every sentence he can come up with that uses a conjunction correctly, he will get $0.01.  In round two, he will get a chance to double his money.  We are going to take turns making sentences that use conjunctions until someone gets stumped.

He was so excited about this, that he wants to do this every Friday with something from that weeks lessons.

This ties in perfectly to the Dave Ramsey for Kids program we are starting.  Plus I am going to make him count and roll the pennies. 

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Christina said...

Cute idea! (And chalkboard!)