Mar 20, 2010

100th Time Remodeling the Boys Room

Ok, When I did William's room last summer I thought that it was perfect. I loved the way I arranged the furniture and the nautical theme. The room is very small at 9x9, so it is very hard to keep it clean. That is why he has a storage bed from IKEA and an armoire to. This boy has more clothes than any other I have met.

The old arrangement wasn't working unless I went in his room and looked around the furniture to the corners I couldn't see the piles of clothes and toys hidden from my sight.

I dumped all his toys on my bed, it only took my 5 hours to get them all out of his room.

Than I rearranged the furniture, so their are no more hidden corners to hide laundry and toys.

In true boy fashion you'll notice the missing curtain on the broken rod. Haa! Gotta love them. You'll also notice the bug designed tissue box which goes oh so well with nautical.

His carpet needs a serious cleaning. My dream is to continue the wood floors into his room.

Being the typical ham that he is, he wanted to pose sleeping in all the pictures. Who was I to tell him no. Enjoy.

Here's his room when we moved in.

Here's my first attempt at stripes and making a loft bed. I actually liked this alot but I could never change his sheets.

Mar 17, 2010

Knocking things off my list like crazy

Ok I promise a new post is coming soon. I am going to a tile class on Saturday and tiling my bathroom when I get home. On Sunday my hubby and someone else's hubby are going to sand and stain my floors.

I am torn on what color stain to use with my blue walls. I personally love dark floors but since we may sell this Cul de Sac cutie I want it to be appealing to the most people.

I painted the masterbath light gray and the vanity gray black. We installed a new sparkling white countertop. I just need some cute knobs for the vanity. We got this great pale gray tile and thats what I'll be doing this Saturday.

Up until Saturday, I am doing the speed ward clean, goodwill, craigslist, and dump. I have to have all the upstairs furniture put into the 9 x 9 guest room by Saturday night. Whew I am tired thinking about it.

After that its all small projects from here on out. Thank goodness I was thinking I need to change my name to Bob Villa.

Mar 12, 2010

I'll be back soon!

I work at a public accounting firm and of course between tax deadlines and my son I have not had time to post.

I actually went 5 days without even turning on my computer. My husband said I am surprised your not having withdrawels. He's soo funny.

I found the most amazing thing on the curb this week and can't wait to post about it.

Be back soon.


Mar 1, 2010


Ok, all my comments are gone! To where I have no idea. I haven't done anything to my blog in over 2 weeks. I deleted the last comment I received, sorry Trish to see if maybe that was the issue. I am googling but not finding much help.

I love the comments I receive.

Hopefully I can fix this soon. Please feel free to leave a test message.