Mar 20, 2010

100th Time Remodeling the Boys Room

Ok, When I did William's room last summer I thought that it was perfect. I loved the way I arranged the furniture and the nautical theme. The room is very small at 9x9, so it is very hard to keep it clean. That is why he has a storage bed from IKEA and an armoire to. This boy has more clothes than any other I have met.

The old arrangement wasn't working unless I went in his room and looked around the furniture to the corners I couldn't see the piles of clothes and toys hidden from my sight.

I dumped all his toys on my bed, it only took my 5 hours to get them all out of his room.

Than I rearranged the furniture, so their are no more hidden corners to hide laundry and toys.

In true boy fashion you'll notice the missing curtain on the broken rod. Haa! Gotta love them. You'll also notice the bug designed tissue box which goes oh so well with nautical.

His carpet needs a serious cleaning. My dream is to continue the wood floors into his room.

Being the typical ham that he is, he wanted to pose sleeping in all the pictures. Who was I to tell him no. Enjoy.

Here's his room when we moved in.

Here's my first attempt at stripes and making a loft bed. I actually liked this alot but I could never change his sheets.


Chic It Yourself said...

I like what I see! I really love your kitchen remodel! thanks for following my blog!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I really like the stripes and the nautical feel for his room! If I had a son it would be nautical room for sure! :)

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Love the nautical feel of the room. I did similar stripes in burgundy in my son's room. The horizontal stripe to me is so much more interesting than vertical stripes.

Vintage Simple said...

I love the horizontal stripes - especially in a room that's rather small.

Have a great weekend,

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi there! I love a room in cute! We just got rid of Maddys bunk beds and her little room looks so huge now. Have a great week! xoxox Susie~