Oct 5, 2010

Halloween Yard Decor…Part 2


We put out our graveyard yesterday.  This year we decided to add a Circle of Dancing Ghosts and to make our house look like a creepy Jack O’ Lantern.

We made the tombstones in 2005.  I will tell you how to make them but I don’t have any pictures.

You need a sheet of 4’ x 8’ blue Styrofoam insulation.  Cut out the tombstone shapes with a steak knife or electric carving knife.  You must prime the Styrofoam, regular paint will dissolve it.  It is ok to paint after priming it.  We used black and gray spray paint and lightly covered with stone effects spray paint. Our tombstones say Ima Rotten, Yul. B Next, Justin Pieces, Myra Mains, Yetta Nother, Bea Ware, and a bunch of RIP’s.

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To make the Ghosts you need 6 sheets, 6 five foot bars of conduit, and masking tape and plastic shopping bags.  Arrange the poles in a circle and hammer about 1 foot into the ground. Stuff the plastic shopping bags into a head.  Tape bag onto the pole.


Loosely tie fishing wire around the neck.  Tie the ends together with fishing wire to form the holding hands.





To make the scary eyes you need 1 package of orange tissue paper and two pieces of oak tag.  Place the two pieces together and draw your shape on the backside.  I used crayon it showed up well.  Cut out shape on both pieces at the same time. 


Tape the eyes to the window first.


Tape tissue paper over the eye.  Do not overlap the tissue paper it will show up at night.


We are having issues with our lighting scheme, two of our green floodlights broke.  When we have laid out our lights I will post an evening photo.

We are still thinking of a few more things.  These are very budget friendly decorations.  The ghosts were $18 and the eyes were $2. 

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Erin said...

How fantastic!!!! All such imaginative ideas, with little cost and BIG impact!!!

Melissa said...

That is so fun. Great ideas and they won't break the bank. Thanks for linking!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the circle of ghosts! Thank you for sharing!I'm a follower now! :)

CJMsquared+3 said...

How awesome!! We just bought our first home and I have been looking for cheap but fantastic looking ways to decorate our yard for Halloween (the neighborhood is BIG into the holiday) your ideas are perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Those eyes are very creative!

Jen said...

I love all your yard decor!

Janae @ Somewhat Couture said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my lamp. I like the rock/stone idea. My BF would be into that! I love, love your Halloween decor. I can't wait until next halloween when I have a yard to decorate. The ring of ghosts is my fav!

michelle griggs said...

What size sheets did you use