Dec 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas.....

We had a wonderful Christmas despite the complete chaos from all the projects underway. We are taking mental health breaks from all projects for the past few days.

It was wonderful. I forgot what free time was like. This was the best Christmas we've had in a while. The kitchen is half painted, the cabinet doors are all in the garage, and the guest room is filled with all my kitchen stuff. The floors are not finished and I still have no stairs.

The good thing about split levels is two living rooms. So we cleaned the downstairs living room and had Christmas in this room only. It was perfectly ok with all of us, in fact just having a clean room was great.

Their is no plastic or painters tape down here and that's great!

We celebrated Christmas Eve Mass yesterday and the ceremony was finished with some teens outside in the cold playing Christmas songs on Various horns. It was really beautiful. We ventured out in the 38 degree weather to walk through a really cute light display.

We stayed up until 1am wrapping gifts and William woke us up at 4am. We refused to get out of bed until 6am though. Although their was no sleeping at that point, just a whole lot of my husband and I saying "Go back to bed" for the next 2 hours.

I got a Canon EOS Rebel XS for Christmas and I love it. My son got a Wii, legos and my parents gave him a keyboard. The boys went to Homegoods and picked out this perfect blue ceramic bakeware to match the new kitchen colors. I love Homegoods. I told them if they went there they would find something I liked. My husband has knack for buying me the oddest things, so I figured I was safe if I sent him there.

We are so blessed this year. Although many bad things have happened to us regarding our son who has adhd and aspergers, we are still very blessed.

My husband was in Canada working on the Olympics and it was really hard on us, well his old job just hired him back so he will be home from now on. Yeah! A helper for all my projects.

My two doggies also were very spoiled this Christmas too. This was Chloe's first Christmas and we don't know how old Goldie is, but its her third Christmas with us.

I can't wait until I can do the manual settings on my camera but for now the pictures are still so much better than my old camera.