Oct 25, 2009

Homemade Toy Storage Boxes

Ok I was sick of the primary colored plastic buckets that didn't hold anything. I made these boxes to fit on his shelves.

When we were organizing today I made him get rid of two garbage bags of stuffed animals and toys. I am sick of his room being a huge mess. I normally can't even walk in there, let alone put away clothes, change the sheets, or vacuum.

It finally looks good.

Plus I could finally vacuum it. I may want to polyurethene these boxes but for now their done.

Updated Post for DIY Day @ A Soft Place to Land


Oct 20, 2009

The DIY Showoff Fall Festival - My Spooky Yard

The DIY Show Off

Enjoy my spooky decorations. I am sorry about the blurry night pictures. I need a new camera.

I made the tombstones four years ago. I got the styrofoam sheeting at lowes, cut out and primed. If you don't prime for some reason the paint melts the styrofoam. This could be different now since its been a few years since theses were made.

To put it in the ground we zip tied poles to the back and put in the ground. I take poles off every year so its easier to store.

The green spotlights are new this year.

Oct 19, 2009

Procrastinator Party - Preview of Project Plus a Bonus

OK I am still a procrastinator. I am working on the wooden toy boxes still for William's room. I hope they will be finished tomorrow. I just have to paint them.

Here is the before..

Here is one of the boxes before painting and making the handles. They will be painted Navy and I will be adding rope handles to keep with the nautical theme...

OK here is the reason my toy boxes aren't done. I have this dresser that I got free on Craigslist. When my sister and I went to pick it up the people were so creepy and even though it was the ugliest thing I've seen we took it and left. For about three months I have been stuck on what to do with it. I decided to paint it and I can always change it if I hate it. It needs another coat of pink and the white is only primer. I need to find drawer pulls too. Well it's almost done so check it out....

Here's the before...

Oct 18, 2009

My House is Spookified.

It's amazing how a few halloween decorations turn boys into crazy zombies. They have been playing zombies in the freezing cold for an hour now.

Well check out my decorations.

Ideas For My Ugly Dresser

OK, I will probably have this painted before I read anyone's opinion. I just need this ugly thing out of my garage and in use.

I have a white bedspread and the walls are mint green. I took some pictures of paint swatches next to the bedspread and wall.

I am leaning towards the raspberry red for the dresser.

Let me know what you think and check back soon for the finished dresser.

Creative Containers - Buckhead Betties

I went to the semi-annual Creative Containers sale yesterday. It was great. William is in a charter school and we needed 5 gifts for female teachers. He has 3 regular female teachers, one office person who really helps him, and the after school teacher. We still need four male teacher gifts.

I got 6 small file boxes. These will be great for Greeting Cards. The best part is they were $5 each! I also got a monogrammed tote bag and a patterned tote bag. I would have paid over $100 retail for all of this but I paid wayyyy less!

Oct 15, 2009

My Procrastinators Project

I wanted to give an update on my project. Before my husband left he nailed these together. I am going to sand them, paint them, and drill holes for the rope handles this weekend.

It is so sad that his room looks like this so soon after the makeover. I hope these new toy boxes will help.

Oct 12, 2009

Procrastinator Proclamations!

Melissa at The Inspired Room is haing a Procrastinator Party. This post couldn't have come at a better time I have 20 projects that are nowhere close to being finished.

I finished William's Nautical Room in September but never finished his toy boxes. He has turned into a tween overnight and his brightly colored plastic buckets gotta go.

I am glad that someone out their is holding us procrastinator's accountable.

Check back here on the 20th for the big reveal.

DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land


I have followed this blog for a while. I posted Williams's Nautical Bedroom makeover. I am #68. Check it out.


I love Lumber Liquidators and My Husband!

I am in love with these floors. I could have never afforded wood floors if it wasn't for Lumber Liquidtors. We planned on doing the Master Bedroom, the Hallway, the Stairs, and the upstairs living room but we are out of time. DH will only get the stairs and hallway done.

The floors are unsanded and unfinished still. I am so undecided about how to finish them. I have seen these oak floors sand and polyurethened and they look beautiful. I love dark floors too so I may stain them.

I love the smell of wood. It's so much better now that disgusting, gross, icky carpet is gone.

Please leave a comment or opinion on how I should finish them.