Oct 20, 2009

The DIY Showoff Fall Festival - My Spooky Yard

The DIY Show Off

Enjoy my spooky decorations. I am sorry about the blurry night pictures. I need a new camera.

I made the tombstones four years ago. I got the styrofoam sheeting at lowes, cut out and primed. If you don't prime for some reason the paint melts the styrofoam. This could be different now since its been a few years since theses were made.

To put it in the ground we zip tied poles to the back and put in the ground. I take poles off every year so its easier to store.

The green spotlights are new this year.

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The DIY Show Off said...

Spooky! The green light at night is creepy! And so creative. Great job! Thanks for linking to the Fall Festival! :)