Oct 12, 2009

I love Lumber Liquidators and My Husband!

I am in love with these floors. I could have never afforded wood floors if it wasn't for Lumber Liquidtors. We planned on doing the Master Bedroom, the Hallway, the Stairs, and the upstairs living room but we are out of time. DH will only get the stairs and hallway done.

The floors are unsanded and unfinished still. I am so undecided about how to finish them. I have seen these oak floors sand and polyurethened and they look beautiful. I love dark floors too so I may stain them.

I love the smell of wood. It's so much better now that disgusting, gross, icky carpet is gone.

Please leave a comment or opinion on how I should finish them.


Anonymous said...

We are glad to hear you love the flooring we sell! I viewed the photos and your floors look fabulous!

You can find the most up to date information about floor care on our website and we also have installers staffed to help you with any questions about finishing your beautiful floors. Call Customer care and we'll be glad to help.

Enjoy your beautiful home and thanks for the positive comments - I will send you a free floor cleaning kit as our way of saying "THANKS!!!!" CC Manager LL

Mom to "W" said...

Thank you, what great customer service. I am glad to see you read blogs and listen to your customers.

Anonymous said...


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