Aug 15, 2009

My Boys Nautical Striped Bedroom - Ships Ahoy!

Ok my computers are all still having issues so I am having to post from my phone. I redid W's room. I painted the stripes last week. I love how they came out. Let me know what you think. It is not done yet. I am thinking of putting a captains wheel over the bed.

We snagged the crab sheets and blanket today at TJ Maxx. He had the furniture and comforter. I picked up some red curtains and will hang them tommorow.

We picked up the Framed Map at a local antique mall and the Kerosene lantern for a steal at Walmart. He got the telescope last christmas.
We got this sailboat at the antique mall too.

We did his whole room for under $180. He loves it and so do I.

Behr ultra paint & primer in one Starless Night UL230-1 (navy)

Behr ultra paint & primer in one Cotton Knit UL170-13 (creamy white)

Sheets are Tommy Hilfiger (TJ Maxx)

Red Blanket Ralph Lauren Home (TJ Maxx)

Kerosene Lantern Walmart (camping aisle)

Map & Model Ship (local antique mall)

Aug 6, 2009

Whirlwind Summer

Sorry it's been a while since posting. I am in the midst of a few projects and winding down summer. I have made two trips to NY (to drop William at Grandpa's & Grandma's) and one very short trip to Myrtle Beach. That trip was way too short!!

I love Myrtle Beach. How is it I have lived so close for 5 years and this is my first time going.

Hubby is leaving for the long haul this week. We gave up on stained concrete and put laminate floors instead. It will be finished tomorrow. We got a new pump for the pool and are going to evict the frogs!!! We should be swimming in a few days!!

William's room is getting fresh paint tomorrow and on Saturday my guest room is getting a makeover. Next weekend I hope to paint the kitchen cabinets.

I have lots of pics to post. I am having issues with my computer and I am using an old computer temporarily. So it may be a few days before I can post pics.