Sep 1, 2011

Real Science-4-Kids


We are using Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry Level I this year.  In my opinion this is not a whole year curriculum.  We are going to do it over the course of 10 weeks.  We will than use the Biology and Physics sets.

We are only on Lesson 1 right now so its too early to give a true review.  So far I like the curriculum.  The book seems well written and very colorful.  I did not buy the lab book in paperback, I bought the .pdf download so I can print it and put it in a 3 ring binder.  We have the teachers manual, textbook, lab book, and the tests. 

We are still setting up our workbox system.  I am using the Sterilite 6.2 qt. clear plastic boxes.  This box fits a 1” 3 ring binder and the textbook.  I made lessons plans for this curriculum for 4 days a week.  Day 1 consists of reading the chapter, day 2 complete the experiment, day 3 answer the review questions in the lab book, and day 4 take the chapter test. 

I made these plans similar to some plans I found on the internet for Story of the World.  I wasn’t able to find plans for this so I modified the ones I found. 

Below is a link to my plans on Google docs.  I am new to uploading docs to Google, when I did a print preview the formatting was all messed up.  If you know how to fix this great otherwise I recommend copying and pasting to word.  You can email me and I send you the actual word file.