Feb 13, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To - Filing System

I have been organizing.  I honestly haven’t cleaned out my files in over 1 year.  I have months worth of receipts I am still going through.  I haven’t balanced my checking account since last fall. Blah. 
Organizing Home Files

Here’s why a colored coded 3 tab file system won’t work for a Type “A” person.  I would file my folders left tab, middle tab, right tab.  When I would add a folder my tab system would always fall apart.  For some reason I never had the tab I needed or I wanted to add a folder in a certain spot and it messed up the whole system.  This would cause a complete mental shutdown and stop all filing.  It really is hard to be an anal retentive Type “A” person. 
Unfortunately in too many areas of my life I have color coded systems that need to go!
Here’s my solution:
Single Color Hanging Tabs (I like navy but my deciding factor was my cheapness – thank you Wal-Mart)
Home Filing System (3)
Single Tab Folders (No more mixed up 3 label folder systems for me)
Home Filing System (8)
And last but not least color coded labels (I know right – didn’t I just bash color coded systems – this system will work I can add labels to my hearts content)
Home Filing System (4)
Ok so I am almost done going through all my receipts and papers.  I’ve made most of my files already. 
My other big project I am working on right now is converting all our compact discs to current technology.  We have about 1000 cd’s and we never listen to them anymore.  They take up so much storage space too.  I am ripping them to my computer, backing them up, and boxing them up.  We have a crawl space in addition to our basement so they will go there.
We had a pinewood derby in January for my son’s Cub Scout pack.  It was a whole lotta fun.  I recommend scouting for all kids.  It has been a great experience for us. 
My husband and I have been working on one of the plans off Ana White’s (Knock Off Wood) site.  I just love her.  I can’t wait to reveal it.
I am taking a blog design class currently, so keep tuned for a new look here.
I decided to take down the other blog and just blog where my heart is here.  My finances are not allowing me to do many projects, however I have plenty of low cost projects I will be sharing this year.  I will also be blogging about homeschooling, couponing, and whatever else floats my boat. 
Please leave comments.  I love them and I read every single one.  I am one of the few bloggers lately that does still have time to respond to them.

Feb 2, 2011

Making the World Cuter: Lifestyle Crafts "L" Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Image courtesy of lifestylecrafts.com/blog

Making the World Cuter: Lifestyle Crafts "L" Review & GIVEAWAY!!!: "I am so so so excited about this review and giveaway! Lifestyle Crafts has brought the art of letterpress into the home with an affordable a..."