Sep 26, 2009

Navy Striped Nautical Bedroom

I am going to put the sailboat and light house up here and put the lantern on his dresser. I hate the way the toys look on this armoire so I am making wooden boxes for each shelf and going to drill holes and make rope handles. I will paint them navy since I have extra navy paint.

"W" loves his map and his sailboat.

This is a dropcloth with all the nautical flags and knots, its really cool.

We ended up hanging red curtains. The furniture is from IKEA. The bed has cubbies and shelves to hide buckets of toys.

Ok I promised better pictures once I got my computers working again so here they are. I love how his room turned out. It has become a big mess already, but at least I was able to get some pictures first. I can't get to the before pictures up yet, they are on the dead laptop.