Nov 21, 2009

3 Projects Going at Once

Ok I am working three projects at once in a desperate attempt to have a living area that's usable for Christmas.

I am removing popcorn from my hallway ceiling, painting the kitchen cabinets black and walls grey blue and finishing installing wood floors.

I started the popcorn last weekend - apparently if you don't sand enough the stuff peels when you go to repaint. So I have to resand and paint over. I started the cabinets this week too. I am hoping to just be working on the floors by Monday.

If I by chance get the floors in by Black Friday than I am going to finish them.

Here are some pictures of my progress.

I was testing out paint colors next to the black.

See no floors.

Ok, maybe its user error but this definitely wasn't worth $17 - sorry Home depot.

Spray the ceilings with water or vinegar depending on if their painted or not... and scrape.

On the left is SW Sleepy Blue , than SW Tidewater, and the last is a custom grey-blue from Home Depot. I picked the custom blue on the right.
This bright blue was already on the walls and is going. The tan is becoming blue also. I am planning to put wood floors in here and butcher block counters.

Wish me luck.

Nov 14, 2009

My guest room is starting to take shape.

It still needs curtains and some stuff on the walls but its a big improvement over the dingy white walls it had.

Nov 6, 2009

Dresser Before & After

Unbelievable After...

Ugly Smelly Before...

I will need new handles but for now this will have to do...

I have not had a lot of time to work on this so it took me a while to finish. I painted the drawers white and the whole dresser is Olympic High Gloss in Cranberry. I am on a hunt for new handles but for now I sprayed them with Valspar Metallic in Aluminum.

I love how it turned out. It is now one of my favorite things in my house.

I definitely could not imagine this dresser ever looking this good. It smelled so FUNKY after getting it free on Craigslist. I sanded and primed it with Kilz after heavily cleaning it.

I am so excited to put this in my guest room tomorrow!