Nov 21, 2009

3 Projects Going at Once

Ok I am working three projects at once in a desperate attempt to have a living area that's usable for Christmas.

I am removing popcorn from my hallway ceiling, painting the kitchen cabinets black and walls grey blue and finishing installing wood floors.

I started the popcorn last weekend - apparently if you don't sand enough the stuff peels when you go to repaint. So I have to resand and paint over. I started the cabinets this week too. I am hoping to just be working on the floors by Monday.

If I by chance get the floors in by Black Friday than I am going to finish them.

Here are some pictures of my progress.

I was testing out paint colors next to the black.

See no floors.

Ok, maybe its user error but this definitely wasn't worth $17 - sorry Home depot.

Spray the ceilings with water or vinegar depending on if their painted or not... and scrape.

On the left is SW Sleepy Blue , than SW Tidewater, and the last is a custom grey-blue from Home Depot. I picked the custom blue on the right.
This bright blue was already on the walls and is going. The tan is becoming blue also. I am planning to put wood floors in here and butcher block counters.

Wish me luck.

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