Aug 15, 2009

My Boys Nautical Striped Bedroom - Ships Ahoy!

Ok my computers are all still having issues so I am having to post from my phone. I redid W's room. I painted the stripes last week. I love how they came out. Let me know what you think. It is not done yet. I am thinking of putting a captains wheel over the bed.

We snagged the crab sheets and blanket today at TJ Maxx. He had the furniture and comforter. I picked up some red curtains and will hang them tommorow.

We picked up the Framed Map at a local antique mall and the Kerosene lantern for a steal at Walmart. He got the telescope last christmas.
We got this sailboat at the antique mall too.

We did his whole room for under $180. He loves it and so do I.

Behr ultra paint & primer in one Starless Night UL230-1 (navy)

Behr ultra paint & primer in one Cotton Knit UL170-13 (creamy white)

Sheets are Tommy Hilfiger (TJ Maxx)

Red Blanket Ralph Lauren Home (TJ Maxx)

Kerosene Lantern Walmart (camping aisle)

Map & Model Ship (local antique mall)

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