Oct 11, 2009

Wood Floors

Ok so my puppy has destoyed my carpet. She has had so many accidents. I have a hoover steam vac and it works great but it cannot save this carpet.

The previous owners were smokers, my puppy thinks the carpet is a chew toy, and all the accidents made me decide it has to GO!

We bought the unfinished oak utility wood floors from lumber liquidators.

I ripped up the carpet in the bedroom and he removed the baseboards. We got 500 sq ft of the rosin paper at Lowes for $11. Lumber Liquidators was charging more for black felt paper. We got a 18 guage brad nailer for $20 at a flea market and a compressor at Walmart. A pneumatic flooring nailer is recommended but this is working just fine.

My husband is home for a few more days and it's going very slow. I think I will be finishing the floors. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he finishes.

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