Jan 29, 2011

I’m a Stylish Blogger!

….well at least Vonda from Newlyweds and The Old House thinks so.  This is my first blog award.  I was completely floored to be included in Vonda’s picks, she awarded some awesome bloggers.  I feel like Wayne & Garth, “I’m not worthy”, but I’ll take it.  Thanks Vonda I think your pretty Stylish too.
So, here's the lay of the land, or the accepting of the award in this case: A. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you or me in this case. (above)
B. Share seven things about you.
C. Pay it forward to 15 (or so) recently discovered bloggers (I'm going recently discovered by ME b/c some have been around for longer
D. Contact those bloggers about the award!

7 things about me:
(1) I am a total goofball.  I am always joking around either sarcastically or extremely silly.
(2) I cry over the ASCPA & Humane Society commercials no matter how many times I see them. 
(3) Almost everything in my house has been painted 3 x’s.
(4) I hated being an Accountant. I like doing taxes but I was bored silly working at an public accounting firm.
(5) I plan vacations I can’t afford to take.  I will pull up hotel rates and all kinds of information about my dream vacations. Than reality sets in and I close all the windows on my laptop.
(6) My husband and I are both unemployed.  We have been for a while.  We have a plan and things will be turning around soon. 
(7) I used to live in Las Vegas.

Drumroll please, now onto the awards!  Ok I think these bloggers are pretty stylish:




(4) I Saw That Going Differently in My Mind

One Nutty Girl

(6) Our Humble Abode
(7) Pine Tree Home
Pretty Frugal Pretties

Project Pretty


(13) Urban Farmgirl
The DIY Show Off
Pretty Handy Girl Blog

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Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

THanks Janet!!! I feel honored. What a great list!!
Bonnie :)