Sep 18, 2010

Ugly Blonde Nightstand to Sweet Moss Green

I gave up on trying to paint anything blue.  It never matches my home and I always end up repainting.  But for some reason all shades of green love me.  Green doesn’t have that coastal feel that blue does but it just seems to always work well for me.  I have tried blue walls, blue shutters, and a blue door.  The blue has all been repainted to tapestry beige on the walls and black on the shutters and door.


This Thomasville nightstand was a plain boring blonde color.  I wanted to paint it blue but I didn’t bother.  I had some bright green paint and mixed it 1:1 with some leftover black.  It gave me this great moss green color.  It also used to be in our master bedroom but now it’s in the living room as an end table. 

Green Nightstand  Did you notice the floors?  I never got around to posting about them.  My husband finished them in June.  They are gorgeous, so much better than carpet.


Mason Jar Candles The knobs are from Hobby Lobby, which beside Home Goods is my favorite store.  I got the mason jars from Habitat.  The candles are soy vanilla.  We are asthmatics so no more paraffin candles around here.

I finished my bedroom but couldn’t take any pictures before it got taken over by baskets of laundry to fold.  Uggh!  If am hoping to share it this weekend.


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Dharma said...

Yummy! Love the knobs and colour. So much nicer. Isn't it funny how our projects move around our by room?

Marie said...

i can't remember how i stumbled onto your blog, but you are now in my reader! i love your projects. oh...and if you think that ONE nightstand in blonde is bad, imagine having an entire kitchen in that color!! eeps! we bought a new house 2 months ago and all the cabinet doors are like that. not a fan. lol