Sep 1, 2010

Landscaping Courtesy of the Sewer Company.

I am so tired today so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  I am almost finished with my Master Bedroom furniture makeover.  This has been a hefty project.  I hope to post it by Sunday.

 IMG_4155 copy IMG_4158 copy IMG_4160 copy IMG_4162 copy IMG_4164 copy IMG_4168 copy

The far back right corner is where the path is.

IMG_4170 copy IMG_4171 copy IMG_4172 copy IMG_4176 copy

This made for an exciting home school day around here.  The boys love the new path.  It will become off limits once it’s open to the other neighborhood.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Teagan said...

Hi there, so I stumbled onto your blog and loved the witch and cats project that you and your hubby did... and I came to this post and had to ask if the county is compensating you... so sad to see the trees go. I grew up back in Maryland and now I have been in Arizona for the last 11 years and I miss the trees/woods.
Just wanted to say Hello. My rule is that I comment if I stop by and I dont know you.
Happy October!