Sep 23, 2010

Cheap Fabric!!!!!

Tablecloth Curtains

I am going to be busy the next couple of days making curtains with my super cheap fabric.  Where did I get this cheap fabric you ask?  Well TJ Maxx in the Tablecloth section.  It’s a vibrant floral pattern 60 x 126 oblong tablecloth.  I plan on lining it with a $4 Wal-Mart flat sheet.

I have seen all the no sew curtains, but I am too cheap to buy the seam tape.  I don’t own a sewing machine, in fact I have never even sewed a button.  I know that’s sad and shocking.  I got this cute $15 sewing machine.  All my windows need curtains, so it’s a good investment.

I am definitely making panels but I am torn on if I should make a valance too.  I hate frou frou things.  Plus these curtains our going in our craft room/laundry room.  This room has green walls, white cabinets, brown countertops and oak laminate floors.


Dharma said...

You smartypants! let me know how the little sewing machine does....been thinking of getting one. like, forever :)

jvanvelsor said...

Check out craigslist, the thrift store and freecycle, if you have one in your area, for a used sewing machine. If you can find an older model, 1970's or so, you are in luck. You can usually find one for $20.00 or so, and they are made to last for generations. The newer sewing machines have many plastic parts, but the older ones are made with metal.

All you need is for the sewing machine to have the ability to do zigzag stitch in addition to plain straight stitch, to perform 99% of your sewing needs. All the rest of the fancy stuff can be fun, but isn't necessary.

There are many many tutorials on how to use sewing machines, some on youtube, so you can teach yourself this simple yet so useful and so fun skill.

If you can do simple sewing you will expand your ability to create on the cheap by a bazaillion percent. There are also many many tutorials on the web on cheap sewing AND making things from clothing from the thrift store..
best of luck
Joan in Fair Oaks, California

CJMsquared+3 said...

I have been tempted to buy tablecloths to turn them into curtains as well. Fabulous idea if you ask me. I love the valance boxes that were made on all things thrifty so if you wanted to add a little flair without the frou frou I suggest them. I am making them in almost every room in my house and they all look different. There are so many possibilities!

Lisa said...

I just realized this too! I bought 2 tablecloths from Walmart and I'm having so much fun making things with them! It saved me so much money rather than buying fabric from Joanns!

Tennessee Genealogy said...

I am interested to know how they turned out. Send me a photo and instructions. I bought 2 tablecloths yesterday and am doing the same thing.