Jun 12, 2009

Things you may not know about me...

I have totally copied this idea from Chris at Just Beachy, but it is just such a great idea!

1. I pick Coke over Pepsi
2. It has been too long since I’ve had a bubble bath.
3. I love shopping at the mall, but miss miss miss shopping at the skinny girl stores.
4. I love to bake
5. My favorite cake is Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.
6. My favorite cupcake is chocolate with chocolate frosting.
7. I love burger king and taco bell, and HATE Mcdonalds.
8. We love German Babies on Sunday mornings.
9. I cut out articles from magazines
10. I love platform shoes and wedges.
11. I love bootcut and flare pants.
12. I love jeans and capri’s and wear them every day
13. I have three sock drawers (white socks, work socks & stockings, and fun socks)
14. I love being married and being a mom.
15. I hate when people are mean to my child.
16. I never dye my hair AT ALL and will die when it turns grey.
17. Some day I want to have my own business
18. My favorite color is pink and robins egg blue.
19. I would never ride in a hot air balloon and helicopters make me nauseas
20. I always wanted to be an interior designer.
21. I am very afraid of elephants and wasps.
22. If I had the money I would finally take a honeymoon.
23. I watch the HILLS, Desperate Housewives, and Big Love
24. I love PINK {the singer}
25. I have always wanted a beach house on the water.
26. I miss my best friend.
27. I want to vacation in Hawaii one day.
28. I want to have two more kids, but time is catching up to me on that.
29. Blogging is fun and a great stress release.
30. The most life altering experience I have had would be the birth of my child.

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