Jun 7, 2009

Master Bedroom Makeover

The board and batten was hard to do. I have never done anything like this before.

I bought drywall nails which were the wrong kind and the boards were able to be pulled right off the wall, so we glued them to the wall with liquid nails. We taped them in place with painters tape while they dried.

Chloe even helped!

Apparently my floors aren't level, we put the vertical battens on the wall first and when we went to put the horizontal board their was as much as a 1/2 in. gap in places between the vertical and horizontal boards. The painting was no fun. I did two coats of kilz primer and two coats of semi gloss. I would recommend priming before putting on wall and priming wall first too. I felt like I was kneeling for three days straight.

It certainly did not come out perfect, but I love it. This house used to be owned by smokers and now you can see how yellow the doors are next to the freshly painted white. They will need to be painted too.

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