Dec 16, 2010

Craft Fair Fiasco leads to Crafter Rut

I just love this title.  It almost makes the weeks I spent crafting, money spent on supplies, and time sitting at the craft fair worth it. 

I signed up to participate in a craft fair in early November, it was a first year for this particular craft fair.  I probably should have checked out the venue because had I seen it upfront I would have saved myself a lot of work and time.  There was a much larger craft fair the same day but it cost more to participate and I wasn’t confident that I would recoup my investment.

Let me tell you upfront I didn’t sell a single item.  The few people who showed up had no interest in my stuff. This put me in a big funk.

Here’s my crafts and pictures of us making them for your enjoyment.  This was the start of my 30 day crafting rut.  I think it might have passed.  I had the urge to go to Michaels today.

My yarn wreaths. 


I made 2 of each of these rag wreaths.


Scented Pinecone Ornaments (some just have spray glue and glitter and others are painted with glitter)


I might pull all the glued on ribbon off the white ones and make a wreath. 


My husband was so nice for helping me out.


My 3rd degree burn ribbon station.


I still have all this stuff.  I put the wreaths all around my house but I want to give the pinecones to someone who needs decorations.  If you know someone in the Triad who needs decorations please email me or comment me your email address.

I made some other things but they are just too cute and I’m saving them for a future post. 



Brandi said...

Love your crafts! The wreaths are gorgeous!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Ugh, that just stinks! I did a craft fair years ago and the same thing happened. The only thing I sold was to the organizer of the event because she felt bad. Gee thanks. lol. Keep at it, they can't all be like that. And I for one love your wreaths, can't believe you couldn't sell them.

Coffee Queen said...

Don't you just hate that. I think your yarn wreaths are gorgeous. I attempted to do craft sales several years ago, but it seemed like the only thing people wanted to buy were the crappy little things that had been mass produced. No attention to detail at all. I hope that you do better the next time.