Feb 7, 2010

How to Lay Peel & Stick Tile

Ok I got a lot of compliments on the floor and a few fellow bloggers mentioned they would be doing this to their floors too.

So I decided to share my wisdom of peel & stick tile.

First forget about searching the internet for tile you like. Everytime we would find something we liked home depot or lowes had discontinued carrying it. It was so frustrating.

I knew I wanted a black and white tile floor if I couldn't get hardwoods.

It was pretty easy to find the black. Lowes carried an nice black marble tile from Armstrong, we could not find a white. We find a nice off white marble tile from Armstrong.

We bought a few of each tile to lay on the floor to see how it looked in our room.

We liked it and went back and bought 100 sq ft of each color. (we ended up buying 30 sq ft more of each color to finish).

Here's where you can learn from our mistakes. We started laying tile in one corner and working our way out. This was a big mistake because the walls are not even and the pattern started to slant.

We pulled up the tile and chalked two lines; one horizontally in the center of the room and one vertically in the center of the room. We layed the first black tile down so each point on the tile was directly on the horizontal and vertical line in the very center of the room. From that point we worked out into each of the four grids using the lines as our guides. My husband said this was much easier than working off the walls.

The tiles will cut easily with a razor blade.

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The mad woman behind the blog said...

Thanks for coming by today! I'm going to have some questions about this floor project of yours as we'll be doing our kitchen floors (tiles on the diagonal in the next few weeks.)