Feb 27, 2010

Blue Vintage Kitchen Cannisters

Sorry for my lack of posting lately. If you look at my profile you'll see I'm an accountant. This is the time of year that I walk around with constant black circles under my eyes. I work 3 days a week in the office and the rest of the hours I get in at home while home schooling my son. I will be leaving accounting after April 15th sometime, since my son has Aspergers and needs me 24/7.

All my projects are in slow mode until after April 15th and its killing me. I keep seeing the cutest things lately on other blogs.

Well I posted my kitchen on HGTV's rate my space and boy did I get feedback. From putting away my daily appliances, to decorating the top of my cabinets, to adding a pop of color. Their was some disagreement on the use of red, one commenter said I should and one said steer clear. My walls are grey-blue so that is the direction I am going in for my pops of color along with white.

This morning we stopped at the antique mall looking for apothecary jars and I found the cutest cannisters. They are just so me and go so well in my kitchen.

Here was my attempt to recreate these cannisters. It didn't work out so well. I will fix and finish them just not now. They are hanging out in the unfinshed project graveyard in my garage.

Here's what they looked like to begin with.

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