Jul 21, 2009

The saga of my basement floor.

This may be an easy diy project for some people but not me.

Ok so far...

1.DH stained the laundry room. (acrylic behr stain chicory)

2.I stripped off the stain, etched, and cleaned the floor.

3.I searched hi and low for Hi Yield Copperas (Iron Sulfate) $3.99 to acid stain my floors. I sprayed the floors 3 times. I loved the results but where my hubby touched up the cracks the iron sulfate wouldn't take. So beautiful brown floors with lots of grey spots.

4. I got some lovely brown stain from lowes and very lightly sprayed the floor so the acid stain would show through. I did heavily cover the grey areas.

5. Here's the part where this project goes down the tubes and I end up in tears. I put the Behr Wet look sealer(are we sensing a trend here with Behr products)on with a garden sprayer. It goes on real milky. I go upstairs because it seemed really milky so I google it. It seems if you put it on to heavy it will puddle and stay milky. I panic and went downstairs and it was drying fast, puddling in many areas, and very milky. So I try to wash it off with soapy hot water and proceed to ruin all the work I have done. This is entirely my own fault. But I hate this project. I felt under pressure because my washer and dryer have been unhooked for too long.

What is sad is I could have hired someone to do it and it would have been better for me. I am jealous of all the people who have done this without any issues.

I have no taken any pictures of the mess it dryed ok but took some stain off and looks blotchy. It may be able to be saved. We'll see.

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