Jul 15, 2009

Basement Floor gone wrong...

Ok I have not redone the floor yet but when we put the chickory stain by Behr it was way darker than the picture in the brochure. The guy had the nerve to tell me not to go by those pictures. I called the 800 number on the can and the women said since I did not etch and use bonding primer that is why it came out so dark.

Well I had one can of Chicory left, so off to Home Depot I went. I asked how I could make the color lighter. I was told I could mix a lighter color (Saltillo Tile) with the darker color. So he recommends this lighter color that he happens to have for $5 gallon. I stupidly buy it and he throws in another of the same. I get home and mix it with the chicory. It ends up being a milky pink. So I call Home Depot. This rude girl tells me since I took it upon myself to mix them at home she can not try to tint it darker for me. So if I have to buy 3 new gallons of stain this cheap project will turn expensive. I call the main customer service number and get my money back.

I now have gone to Lowes and bought Quickrete Acid Etch Stain in Coffee. I am done with the acrylic stains on concrete. At least I was able to strip the chickory stain off in 1 day. I did now etch the concrete.

Here are pics of the chickory and the process of stripping it off.

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