Feb 10, 2012

Main Bath Makeover

Bathroom Before

I love tans but I just needed blue in my house somewhere and this room was just boring, plain and blah to me.  I dislike the peach colored wood vanity and the grout we choose for the floor tile is hideous. 

I am going to do Board and Batten with turquoise on the upper half of the wall.

Now I have a cautionary tale for everyone who put up their board & batten with liquid nails. (I used liquid nails in my master bedroom so I will face this one day too.) – When my husband tiled the floor he tiled a baseboard around the room.  It looked hideous so I told him to take it off and put baseboards.  Well he cheated and used liquid nails to put on the baseboard.  When I went to remove the baseboards for the makeover I figured this out.  The drywall came off with the baseboards.  Check out the FAQ’s for removing building materials bonded with Liquid Nails.  http://www.liquidnails.com/faqs/index.jsp

Baseboards Liquid Nails

My house was built in 1997 and I just can’t imagine this vanity was in style then.  The sad thing is this is what was in my kitchen too.


Next up filling all the holes in the wall.  My shower curtain rod pulled off the drywall when I took it down.  I highly recommend this wall compound.  It goes on pink and when it’s dry turns white.

Main Bathroom 002


I plan on framing the mirror in the bathroom and changing the light fixture.  Here is the only picture I have of both, sorry about the quality.


Ok so here’s a sneak peek of the progress.



What are your thoughts on a wood vanity top?  I just have it stuck in my head that it wood be great.  I have such a small vanity top space though.  Here’s some pictures of what's in my head.  Enjoy.

_MG_2061%20copy-1_MG_5850%20copy41WXlP70IgLOur Vintage Home Wood Vanity


The DIY Show Off said...

Love the wood on the vanity - it must be okay to do since you've found inspiration? I guess I'd worry about water marks but I imagine it's sealed really well! Looking forward to the reveal! ;)

Erika said...

It looks great.

I showed off one of your creations in today's posts.