Feb 13, 2012

Bathroom update….

Is it supposed to look like a tornado hit halfway through updating a bath? 

I have to admit I am not extremely motivated to finish this bath.  Yesterday my husband lost a screw down the sink so he took apart the sink.  I asked him if it was ok to rinse a paintbrush in it when he was done, he said yes.  I turned the water on with the brush sitting under it.  Being a multi-tasker, I went in another room to sort some laundry and when I came back to check on the brush the bathroom floor had about 1” of water on it.  We cleaned that up and stopped for the night.

We had to take the mirror down, we couldn’t find any light fixtures that looked good with it.  Every light kept overlapping the mirror.  We found a smaller mirror on craigslist for $5 and will frame that.

Here it is tonight….

bathroom 001

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