Jul 5, 2010

Here’s how most of my projects go……

IMG_3379 This rooster was wood colored with little country flowers all over it. It was too country for my taste. I sprayed it blue but it didn’t look good in the kitchen, so I sprayed it white. Up it went on top of the kitchen cabinets.

It seems to be third times a charm for all my projects.


This is the case with my Kitchen. I painted it blue and hated it. So we painted it Tapestry Beige from Benjamin Moore and now I love it. I will be revealing it shortly. Here’s a peek in the meantime. You can see the blue showing just over the black cabinet in the kitchen.



My master bath was this bright sunshine yellow when we moved in. We painted it a seafoam blue last year, took down the wall mirror and put a white mirrored cabinet. I never loved it so I repainted the walls gray, the vanity dark gray, and tiled the floor. I don’t like how it turned out so it will be redone this week. I will be showing the before, after #2 and after #3 in the next week or so. This room is my nemesis, and may never be liked by me. I am hoping 4th times the charm.

Here’s my last case in point of my design in my head not working out in reality. I have wanted a blue door for the longest time but my maroon shutters would have clashed badly. I didn’t want black shutters because almost every house on my street has them. So we painted the shutters blue to match the door. I HATE IT! So the shutters will come down and be painted black.


We are completely finishing this house this week. My realtor is coming on Wednesday. I will be posting regularly again. Thanks for all the kind words everyone has sent me.

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Cute rooster! It never ceases to amaze me how a fresh coat of white paint makes everything better.

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