Jan 31, 2012

Why the Dog House Took Me a Year to Build…

2011-01-26 Ana White Dog House (10)

The #1 reason – I never used a Kreg Jig and I was intimidated. Even though Ana White said it was easy I just didn’t believe her. It really was easy.


2011-02-04 Ana White Dog House (7)

#2 The wood pieces were warped and crooked and cracked when I assembled the walls.


2011-02-04 Ana White Dog House (8)

#3 The pieces didn’t line up flush (probably builder error). The dog house required major putty and sanding.  See the 1/8” overhang on the slats.  Ugg!


#4- I no longer like to paint in the cold weather, so this stayed this way until the summer months when I could spray this with my HVLP paint gun.  I did not want to paint all those corners with a brush.


#5 – Laziness & Lost Mojo.  It sat like this from September until December.  All we needed to do was put back on the hardware and attach the already stained top. 

See that yellow dresser in the last picture.  I tried to give it away on free cycle and accidentally tipped it over into my car denting my car door and the dresser died an un-repairable death.  It was another lost mojo project.  Do you also see those shelves in the background?  I built those 2 years ago to store my decorations; someday I will write a tutorial they were easy!  But I used MDF for the shelves and those bad boys are heavy.

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