Jan 9, 2010

Preview of Projects Underway.

This is the inspiration photo for my kitchen. John Jacob Zwiegelaar's home.

Well the kitchen has been indefinitely put on hold. Its too cold to finish spraying the cabinets in the garage. We are going to finish painting the kitchen walls tommorow. I wanted to do a black and white checkered floor but it was impossible to find a quality black and white vinyl that I could afford. We found a nice black and a tanish white from Armstrong. My darling husband is going to do the walls and floors tommorrow.

So heres what is left to do in the kitchen...
1. Finish painting the walls.
2. Put the vinyl floors down
3. Finish spraying cabinet doors (on hold until we reach 50 degrees)
4. Hang new light fixtures
5. Put new baseboards
6. Eventually paint kitchen table and get slipcovers for chairs
7. New window treatments (on hold until I budget for it and figure out what I want)

To Finish the Wood Floors (Master Bedroom, Hallway, Upstairs Living Room)
1. Fill gaps and knots
2. Sand
3. Stain
4. Seal

To Finish Master Bedroom..
1. Fix a hole in the wall from the doorknob.
2. Touch up paint on the walls
3. Restain the two dressers all the same color.
4. Organize the his and her closets.
5. Finally pack up all the clothes I've outgrown
6. Spray paint the ceiling fan

To Finish the Master Bathroom..
1. Paint Walls (when I pick a color)
2. Paint Vanity
3. Scrape popcorn off ceiling
4. Install vent
5. Put down vinyl floor tiles

To Finish Downstairs Family Room.
1. Touch up paint on walls
2. Organize Book cases
3. Find a nice end table (get rid of big wood/glas table)
4. Figure out what to put on wall behind the couch

To Finish Laundry/Office/Craft Room
1. Touch up paint
2. Attach countertops
3. Add two electrical outlets
4. Remove built in fishtank and drywall up wall
5. Add shelves over washer and dryer

Miscellaneous Home Projects
1. Paint all the inside door frames, window frames, and doors (prev. owners were smokers)
2. Paint Front Door and ouside shutters
3. Organize the garage.
4. Repaint blue desk.

Hopefully we have these finished by the end of February.

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Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi! I just found your comment on my post about my black and white tiles in my studio. I bought peel and stick vinyl tiles from Lowe's. They are black marble style and a creamy marble style. I also saw black and white vinyl tiles at Home Depot, but you had to use a adhesive to put them down. Hope that helps! Nice to talk to a fellow NC....