Nov 6, 2010

Master Bedroom Part 2 (Maine Cottage inspired)

Ok this is going to be a quick post with a bunch of pictures. My husband is going back to school and I have one week left with him home. I am basically cracking the whip helping him get all the little construction odds & ends finished on our home projects.

I have also taken up couponing and added that to my list of a million things I want to do in a weeks time.

The bedroom is basically done except the curtains need to be ironed and two pictures need to be hung. You should take bets on how long it takes me to accomplish those tasks. I am a terrible procrastinator.

So here is the painted Sleigh bed and habitat restore nightstands.

painted nightstand painted sleighbed painted sleighbed

The evolution of our painted dresser. Here it is in our tiny apartment in 2007 painted white with all my mess on it.

white dresser

Stripped and stained pecan in 2008.

refinished dresser

Stripped and stained again in 2010. We tried to match the dark wood on the sleigh bed, it was close but it still didn’t match. I don’t like mismatched wood. I don’t mind mismatched painted furniture though. It stinks that I had to strip and stain the furniture to see I hated it.

American Walnut & Rosewood Stain 293

Painted again in 2010. Knobs changed to matched new paint color. (this TV is no longer in this room, we had to move TV's around after our family room TV quit working.)

painted dresser

The only splurge so far was the Home goods lamps at $30 each. Funny that $30 is a splurge. The nightstands were $15 each and the sleigh bed was $80 on Craigslist last year.

Ok my inspiration was Maine Cottage. I cannot afford their lovely painted furniture so I did the next best thing. I ordered their color sample cards and had Home Depot color match them. This color is called Bark.

painted nightstand

painted nightstand


The white artwork above the bed looked off to us so we took it down and are going to hang two framed pictures instead.


Hope you enjoyed my Maine Cottage inspired bedroom. Hopefully I finish it soon! :)


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